Xtractpler latest version: 2.3.0

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Xtractpler 2.3.0 version

- De-Activation feature added

Xtractpler 2.2.0 version

- Added VU Meter in Main Window
- Extends sample limit to 100 samples
- Fixes the Mic authorization request in Mac computers.

Xtractpler 2.1.0 version

- Added Velocity Curve configuration per note. Now it’s selectable to use a linear, exponential or logarithmic distribution of samples.

Xtractpler 2.0.3 version

- Minor bug fixes, including the issue preventing the audio being captured when MaxVel and MinVel contain same values.
- Now the output folder also creates a subfolder based on the Name configured for the capture.

Xtractpler 2.0.0 version

- Introduces Live capture for record live sounds without triggering MIDI notes. Ideal for sampling live instruments, like: drums, pianos, vocals, etc.
- Improves Speech capture to reduce the silence between spoken phrases, ideal for podcasts.
- Introduces Abort button to stop either audio capture or trimming/optimization processes.
- Adds hot-keys to access Configuration (Cmd/Ctrl+O), and Help (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+H).
- Updates the behaviour of progress bar depending on capture mode.
- Fixes incorrect percentage value of progress bar when re-starting progress.
- Fixes the error that prevented audio captured files to be removed (when selected).

Xtractpler 1.3.1 version

- Fixes an issue that caused incorrect behaviour in certain systems.

Xtractpler 1.2.0 version

- Adds type mode: Drum, Sound, Music, Speech by extending sampling duration per sample.
- Prevents the opening of configuration window when capture or trim process is running.

Xtractpler 1.1.0 version

- Adds Cut/Copy/Paste Menu functions for text.
- Adds "Remove Captured files" option.
- Puts template file in USER HOME folder.
- Fixes an issue that prevented certain files to be generated (Mac OS X versions).

Xtractpler 1.0.3 version

- Fixes an issue that prevented files to be properly converted into Mono.

Xtractpler 1.0.2 version

- Separates global settings for MIDI device from main samples configuration.

Xtractpler 1.0.1 version

- Initial version.

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