A Multi-Velocity Audio Sample Extractor

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Compatible with the majority* of VST/AAX/AU audio program/plugins as well as any DAW or Audio app

Simple operation and sample extraction customization to get the sounds you're after

Automated trimming and optimization, no more tedious manual conversion/extraction of audio samples

MacOS Monterrey/Ventura/Sonoma compatible on Intel & Apple Silicon (Mx) computers

Requires Soundflower/BlackHole or any other free audio routing MacOS system extension to route audio internally.

Windows 10

Also compatible with Window 7 & 8
Requires LoopBe or similar to route MIDI internally.

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Use Xtractpler grid to configure the sample name, MIDI note, quantity, duration, maximum and minimum velocity range.

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Xtractpler sends MIDI notes to desired VST/AAX/AU or DAW to capture its sound.

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Conversion analyses captured files and make final trim.

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Extracted samples are organized on each folder to easily transfer them to desired eDrum or Sampler application.

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