Crafting Useful Apps for the World: A Dream Realized...

Embarking on a path fueled by curiosity and perpetual innovation...

Founded in 2009 by Flavio Passa

After several years of working as a technician in electronics, as well as a software developer, and later transitioning to a project leader and manager, I found myself yearning for something different—something that would challenge my skills and expertise.

With the idea of creating something novel, I decided to explore the newly emerging market of mobile apps for smartphones, specifically targeting Apple iOS devices. After months of research and learning, my initial attempts didn’t come to fruition until January 2010—the time when the first app was released.
An Ultimate Coins Game app for Iphone.

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Entertainment first

The release of An Ultimate Coins Game in 2010 marked the culmination of an extensive experimentation and learning process. It was the moment when I successfully launched my first application, which not only became operational but also received approval in the nascent Apple Store marketplace.

This mobile game was made available in both paid and free versions at the time, and we continued to run it until early 2018. This pivotal step paved the way for a passionate future in software development for mobile apps.

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Time for Biz Apps

In 2015, I gained experience in new technologies such as Angular, Ionic, SQL-Lite, and MySQL. During this time, I pioneered the development and publication of the most comprehensive SEO certification exam simulator application for Android and iOS platforms, called: "SEO Expert. This app later served as the cornerstone for creating the Quizionic App templates (versions 1 to 4), which were published on Code Canyon. As a result, these templates reached multiple communities worldwide, enabling the creation of e-learning mobile apps until 2020.

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Music Apps

The latest installment in my journey involved venturing into applications oriented toward music producers. Drawing from my acquired experience in software development and my passion for music production (as a drummer), I embarked on a new challenge.

My goal was to create a macOS and Windows OS application called XtractpleR that could extract audio samples across multiple velocity ranges. These samples would then be used to build sample audio libraries for other synthesizers or drum hardware modules. As of now, XtractpleR is currently available.

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