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Founded in 2009

After several years of work as technician in electornics as well as software developer and later-on as project leader and manager, came the time to envision something different something that may challenge the skills and know-how.

With the idea to create something new, it was the time to approach the newly created market of mobile apps for smartphones, more specifically for Apple iOS devices. After months of research and learning first attempts didn’t see the light until January 2010. That was the time of the first released App.

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Entertainment first

“An Ultimate Coins Game” released on 2010 was the culmination of experimentation and learning process to finally get the first application up and running as well as approved in the incipient Apple Store marketplace.

This mobile game was published as paid and free version at the time and ran it until almost early 2018. This important step defined the route for a passionate future in software development for mobile apps for our team.

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Time for Biz Apps

Gaining experience in new technologies, we pioneered the publication of the most complete SEO certification simulator application for Android and iOS in 2015 being the foundation base of the current QuizIonic App template series.

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Music Apps

Latest installement from our team is the incursion on applications oriented to music producers. Based on adquired experience in software development and the state of the art of the technology, our last application includes XtractpleR, a multi-velocity audio sample extractor.

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